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Unveiling and Conquering Adultery: Help for Christian Couples, by E. Guevara

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Book Summary: 

  • identify and avoid preconditions to adultery
  • overcome the trauma and devastation of adultery
  • build lasting, stable, Christian marriages through better preparation for marriage.

After thirteen years of a challenging marriage that included repeated adultery by her husband, the author made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Although divorce went against her strong, Christian family values and the divorce itself was very traumatic, today the author feels much stronger, wiser and happier. She leads a fulfilling life with her three children. The author has written this book to share her hard-earned insights about marriage in order to help young couples better understand how to prevent and overcome infidelity and create better relationships.

The author shares her personal experiences, life lessons and development tools she has created including:·

  • a marriage readiness checklist (helps both married and engaged couples identify weak areas in their relationships)
  • the adultery web (a list of over thirty possible negative effects of adultery)
  • a personal development plan (a template for becoming a whole individual)
  • how to identify and avoid pre-conditions to adultery
  • ways to overcome the six main barriers to forgiveness
  • keys to developing a lasting, stable relationship
  • ways to protect and help children cope with a hurting family
  • biblical quotes that provide comfort and motivation

The book offers healing and inspiration to readers who have experienced broken relationships. The author reveals that it is only when you become whole that you are able to overcome the pains of adultery and other struggles in your life, just as she did.

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