e guevaraE. Guevara promotes personal and spiritual growth through God’s word, Christian theology and her life’s experiences. She writes to help all those who suffer from the pains of repeated adultery and difficult relationships, to heal and grow, just like she did.

She has over ten-year’s experience in her career in research and policy development and as such, in the field of writing. This includes drafting policies and speech writing. She possesses a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and an honours Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc.) in Management and Sociology. E. Guevara serves a member of her church’s Family Life Unit (FLU) which aims to promote and build family life within her parish community. As a member, she teaches the Theology of the Body/YOU Programme to teenagers. She also serves as a coordinator of her church’s New Beginnings Ministry for divorced, separated and widowed individuals.

E. Guevara is a divorced, single, dedicated mother of three children, two boys and one girl. Her membership in FLU, years of marriage and present status as a single mother, enables her to offer invaluable advice and helpful tips to her readers about the pitfalls to avoid in building, stable, lasting relationships and how to cope with personal and family challenges.

“The most challenging period in my life was the last three years. I went through a traumatic divorce, while being in a demanding job and having to raise and emotionally support three young children. Yet I would never exchange the trauma of it all. For today, I am stronger, wiser and happier and I lead a very fulfilling life! I want you and all my readers to benefit from my lessons learned.

I want you to know that you unless you become whole, by making God the center of your life, then the true happiness which you seek will never be attained. Becoming whole is the key to your personal healing, growth, facing challenges in your life and building strong relationships. You make wise choices and become free.”  –E. Guevara.